Twelve years of focus: pogopin high current crown spring pin

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The pogo pin can be used in the following 5 aspects

The application of the pogo pin is very extensive, and it is used in many places. As far as I know, the following aspects are used.

1. Aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics.

2. Automobile, vehicle navigation, test and measurement equipment.

3. Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunication equipment, automation and industrial equipment.

4. Consumer electronics (printers, mobile phones, computers, cameras, audio-visual equipment, PDAs, Bluetooth headsets, etc.).

5. Smart wearable devices, smart positioning devices, children's smart bracelets, smart watches, smart robots, drones, wearable mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

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.Application fields of pogo pin magnetic connector solutions:

1. Aerospace electronics, medical equipment electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, 5G communication electronics, military and police equipment electronics.

2. UAV equipment, big health products, Internet of Things equipment, intelligent data centers, portable equipment, and intelligent robots.

3. Smart home appliances, smart hairdressing appliances, smart handheld devices, smart sports equipment, and smart physiotherapy and beauty equipment.

4. Smart wearable products (TWS Bluetooth headset, headset, smart watch, smart bracelet, smart clothing, etc.)

5. Consumer electronics (printers, smartphones, notebooks, tablet computers, atomizers, electronic cigarettes, LED lamps)

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