Twelve years of focus: pogopin high current crown spring pin

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What are the main application scopes of spring thimble hardware accessories in the electronic antenn

Compression spring series precision hardware accessories occupy a large market in the electronic antenna and electrical industry, and the main applicable industries are also in other fields such as: hardware, toys, automobiles, batteries, electronic communications, sofas, bicycles, lamps, fixtures, switches , Locks, electrical appliances, a variety of purposes.

There are matching types of spring products in different fields, and the most complete product types in the spring processing industry include: compression, tension, torsion, special-shaped, hardware fancy mechanical precision wire forming hook type circlip retaining ring cage type Various types of springs such as springs can be processed and customized. Stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other materials can be used. The surface can be processed with various high-grade electroplating.

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