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What are the differences between pogo pin connectors and pogo pin connectors?

POGO PIN is a spring-type probe formed by riveting the three basic parts of a needle (Plunger), a needle tube (Tube) and a spring (Spring) by precision instruments, also known as pogo pin, pogo pin, spring probe, Spring Loaded, PogoPin connector.

The bottom of the needle (Plunger) of POGO PIN is usually a bevel structure. The function of the bevel structure is to ensure that the Pogo Pin keeps the needle (Plunger) in contact with the inner wall of the needle tube (Tube) when working, so that the current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle (Plunger) and the needle tube. (Tube) to ensure the stability and low impedance of the Pogo Pin.

POGO PIN is generally used for precision connections in mobile phones, communications, automobiles, medical, aerospace and other electronic products; since Pogo Pin is a very fine probe, the volume can be very small, so it can be used in precision connectors to reduce The weight of the connector, save space, beautify the appearance of products (such as: ultra-thin mobile phones, smart watches and other products).

The pogo pin connector is the same as the POGO PIN connector, but the name is inconsistent. The difference from the POGO PIN is the shrapnel micro-needle module, which can be used for mobile phone battery, screen, and camera testing. The difference is:

POGO PIN has poor adaptability in the small pitch field. It can only deal with pitch values between 0.3mm and 0.4mm, and its lifespan and stability are poor. The rated current that can be carried is only 1A, and the current will attenuate in different parts during the transmission process, resulting in unstable connection, and the service life is about 5w times.

The desirable pitch value of the shrapnel microneedle module is between 0.15mm-0.4mm, and the performance is stable and reliable.

      In the face of high current test requirements, the maximum rated current that can be passed is 50A, the resistance is constant in the range of 1-50A, there is almost no current attenuation, and it has a good connection function and a life of more than 200,000 times.

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